Why We Fail At Missions and Evangelism | Ezekial 33:1-11

We worship a glorious and great God. He is deserving of all of our praise and all of our adoration. However, we all have this problem, and it is the same problem for each and everyone one of us. People are sinful. Every people, everywhere, are sinful. O sure it may look different at different places, but the fact is we are all sinful; we give our affections, devotions, and ourselves to everything but God. Scripture tells us the payment for that sin is death. The payment for our sin in front of an infinitely holy God is eternal punishment in Hell. Now listen to me. Hell is not absence from God, but rather Hell is where God is actively pouring out His just wrath on disobedient humanity, and it is absent from the love of God. In Hell, God is actively and decisively punishing those who violate His law.

But we know this, that God, in His mercy, has paved the way for salvation. He sent His son Jesus Christ to pay the price for our sin, to stand in our place, to become sin for us, so that anyone who trusts in Christ can be reconciled to God and saved from Hell. This is why the gospel is referred to as good news. Because it is good news.

Now here is the deal if you are here and you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, it is because of His salvation that you will spend eternity in heaven with God forever. So we are here on this earth for a little while, but we spend forever with God in his glory but in the meantime, what has God commanded us to do? To tell everyone everywhere about this salvation that we have experienced.
We do not do this to make everyone just like us by forcing our beliefs on them; instead, we warn them of the coming judgment and the consequences they will reap from their life of sin if they do not stop living for themselves and start living for God.

Now I think this passage in Ezekiel illustrates this point nicely. We are like watchmen who see the coming judgment and must sound the alarm and warn our fellow people about it so that they will not die in sin. If we warn them and they still do not repent, then we can rest knowing we have obeyed God. But if we do not warn them, they will still die in sin, and we will have disobeyed Jesus’ commandment. https://youtu.be/7Zfvv5Y1BLs