Why Join A Church? | Ephesians 4:15-16

How many Christians have this thought, “Why join a church? Why not just attend and check it out for a while what’s the point of joining?” Some churches do not even have formal membership; in many of these churches, pastors and elders make all the church decisions. There are never any congregational meetings, and if you are a member attendance does not require any commitment to doctrine or discipline on the part of the attendee.

Besides that, I am sure that many of us know of people, or maybe we ourselves have been burned by a church. People get involved in serving only to have someone attack them or spread false rumors about them. Or, they were involved in a church where they trusted the pastors, and then they find out the pastor was having an affair. Or they experience unpleasant church conflict, and they want to avoid that kind of painful situation, so they do not want to commit to any church. They have a personal relationship with Jesus, but they are just not going to get too involved in the church; besides, they like to have their weekends to themselves just in case something comes up, so they are not tied down.


Now just so you know the thrust of this message this morning, I am going to let you know right up front, so here is the sentence sermon for you “Church membership is not about showing up but about bring committed to serving. So what I am going to do is use four questions to prove this point.
Question 1 – Is church membership Biblical?
Question 2 – Why should I join the church?
Question 3 – Who should the church allow to join?
Question 4: What does church membership consist of?