Who Is The Gospel Of God? | Romans 1:2–4

Who is the gospel of God?
You might look at the title of this message and think that I really do not know what I’m talking about or what kind of crazy English interpretation do I have going on to say, “who is the gospel of God” shouldn’t it be what is the gospel of God? I believe that if you bear with you will understand why I titled it this way.

Many times it seems that our churches are surrounded by people that desperately need to hear the Gospel. Yet, Christians are content to share it only with those that manage to come inside their church. Even worse, sometimes we are so busy being distracted from what really matters that we never even share the gospel.

If we were to try to read Romans 1:1-7 in the greek, it would be just one long sentence. Paul starts off by identifying who he is, then he describes what he calls “the gospel of God,” he then explains how that gospel goes to the nations, and then he greets the saints in Rome. This message will focus on verses 2-4.

Last week we looked at how the gospel comes to us from God. Paul did not make the gospel up. The gospel originated with God, the gospel is about God, and it tells us how we can have a right relationship to God through His eternal Son whom God sent to bear our sin.