What About Doctrinal Differences? | Acts 15:1-21

What the Bible teaches about doctrinal differences. – What about doctrinal differences? Acts 15:1-21

Does the truth matter? If the truth really does matter, then doctrinal differences are to be expected. It is true that right doctrine can make an eternal difference. But when there are differences, how should we resolve them, or can we resolve them? In this message, we will see 5 steps to biblically resolve doctrinal differences. In step one, we will determine the importance of the difference. In step two, we will check our attitude. In step 3, we will see what to do if this doctrine is essential here; we will see 6 steps to handle an essential doctrinal difference. In step 4, we will notice two ways to handle differences that are important but not essential. Finally, in step 5, we will notice how to handle differences that are neither essential nor important but are just minor issues.