We All Have Different Personalities | Acts 15:36-41

We need to learn to deal with situations of differing personalities for several reasons. First and foremost, the command for us to love one another is no small command. It is the second greatest commandment, only after the love of God. If we do not love our brothers and sisters in Christ whom we have seen, then we cannot love God whom we have not seen according to 1 John 4. Also, Christian unity is not a minor issue in Scripture. Just before His death, Jesus prayed for unity so that the world would know that the Father had sent Him. We can’t just shrug unity off or pretend like it is no big deal.


Let me also say this sometimes, Christians get discouraged and have even quit serving the Lord because of a clash they had with another believer. Some have even dropped out of the Christian life altogether because of what they have either observed or experienced in the church. They got hurt, and they wrongly concluded, “since all Christians are a bunch of hypocrites, Christianity must not work.” They fell away from the Lord, and so we must learn what the Bible has to say and teach us about resolving our personality differences.


I am thankful for passages like Acts 15:36-41, which gives us some insight into how to deal with personality and methodology differences.


Luke reports to us about a clash between two great men of God, Paul and Barnabas. This is not a pretty picture. I wish we were reading that they talked things over and they calmly agreed to work in different sphered, but that is not what we read at all. Instead, the clash led to an unpleasant rupture in these two godly men’s close working relationship. Both Paul and Barnabas must have grieved over this for years afterward, but there is such a great lesson here for us. That lesson is that.

We must work hard to keep unity despite personality differences. There are four key points I want us to observe