How To Not Let Your Emotions Deceive You | Psalm 1 and Psalm 42

Don’t be deceived by emotions. Several years ago I was reading something by John Piper, and I came across this line that has stuck with me ever since. Your emotions are to be your gauge, not your guide. In other words, your emotions should tell you how you feel about certain things, but we should not totally rely on them for our actions.

I had served as a student pastor for over 20 years and now as a pastor for over 8 and I can tell you that many of the problems people face are not only issues that are dealing with sin but many times they are allowing their emotions to rule their lives. Now, this is not just girls or women, but it is boys and men as well. We tend to wrongly think that emotional issues are just girl problems when they are not.

Think about this do you know anyone who has. An eating disorder, or who is cutting or obsessed with putting themselves through pain to deal with their problems, or who has had thoughts of suicide, depression, etc. These are all emotional-type issues.

Do you think our emotions are from God? They are. God has given us our emotions; sometimes, we think well emotions are bad. We even use emotions negatively. Perhaps you grew up hearing things like real men don’t cry etc. Our emotions are directly wired into what we believe and value.

So the sermon in a sentence is this Scripture teaches us that our emotions should be a gauge of how we are feeling but not guide us into action based solely on our emotion. I am going to use 4 points
First, we will see that Scripture Speaks of emotions
Then we will see that Sin and Satan has access to our emotions.
Thirdly we will ask what are we to do with our emotions.
Lastly, I will look at 6 ways to respond to our emotions