How Should We Spend Sunday? | Hebrews 10:24-25

Have you ever asked yourself how should I spend my Sunday? I wonder what your typical Sunday looks like? If I were to ask you to tell me your typical Sunday, what would you say, and perhaps a follow-up question would be is your typical Sunday any different than our ideal Sunday. So we can have a Sunday where we do typical things like perhaps go to church, eat a nice lunch, take a nap, etc. However, maybe our ideal Sunday is none of that. Maybe it is going fishing or something like that.

So the sermon in a sentence is this Sunday’s should not be like every other day, but extraordinary. You know, I thought about getting some red hats that said Make Sundays Great again, but I restrained myself. So I will focus on two primary points; the first is what we should be doing on Sunday, and the second is why we should rest on Sunday.