Are You A Deacon? | 1 Timothy 3:8-13; Acts 6:1-6

What is a deacon of a church – The Deacons Role

In this message, we will see that whether you are a deacon or not, if you know Christ as Savior, then you are His servant. It is not optional; we don’t get to say, well, I am not going to serve; it is required. We all have different ways in which God has gifted us some God has gifted specifically to serve as deacons.

The title of this message is, “are you a deacon?” That is because, within the context of the local church, some people are called to be set-apart servants specifically or deacons. The word Deacon is a transliteration of a Greek word which means servant. What we want to see is what does it mean to be a deacon according to the Scriptures.